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Empty Bowls

By Chloe Zhang

Empty Bowls is a club founded by Laura Buchanan at Hopedale Jr. Sr. High School with a goal to raise money to end hunger. 

Mrs. Buchanan is the art teacher at the school and this is her 3rd year organizing the annual fundraiser. 

Her goal in starting Empty Bowls was to create a community of students and faculty that took on initiative to end hunger, while also offering community service hours to students around the school. 

Students and faculty create and decorate the pottery after school. Empty Bowls is a great way for students to earn community service hours while also contributing to an incredible cause!

On March 21, 6-8 PM, the 3rd annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser will be held in the Hopedale Jr. Sr. High School cafeteria. Admission for this event will be $10 per person and will be able to be purchased at the door or through [email protected]

During this event, bowls made by the students of Hopedale will be sold, along with make your own ice cream sundae, accompanied by live music. The proceeds from this event will go towards the Milford Bread Food Bank to fund the fight to end hunger. For any inquiries, please contact [email protected], for more information.