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School pick up and drop off guidelines

The Hopedale Police Department recently shared these “School pick up and drop off guidelines” on the Hopedale MA Bulletin Board Facebook page. 
The Hopedale Police and Hopedale Schools have worked together over the years to make sure drop off and pick is not only safe for our children but as efficient as possible. Please take note of the rules that are already in place and have been for some time now. 
When dropping off at Memorial in the morning we ask that vehicles come off of Freedom St. and proceed down Prospect to drop off. When leaving we ask that you take a right at the bottom of the driveway and exit back onto Freedom. Please do not use Hope St., Union St., or Peace St., to get to school or leave the immediate area. 
During pick up for Memorial please park where there are legal areas to do so. We understand that you are only there for a few minutes to pick up children but DO NOT park where there is a sign in from of you that says “No Parking”. This will be monitored. Also please do not block driveways or fire hydrants on Adin St. leave a minimum of 5 feet if you are parked near the mouth of a driveway and your vehicle and 10 feet for a hydrant. 
HHS drop off also has a few rules that need to be followed. When exiting the driveway of the High School you are only allowed to proceed straight or take a right. Take note of the signage next time when exiting it has been up for years but not always adhered to. Also DO NOT stop anywhere on Adin St or Dutcher St and drop children off when waiting to pull into the driveway. There are also sign stating No Parking, Standing, or Stopping on Adin or Dutcher. 
Lastly when dropping off or picking up at the High School only teachers are allowed to enter and exit the upper lot. There is absolutely NO drop off or pick up from the upper lot. Please make note of the signage there as well. If you are there for pick up for Memorial use the lower lot as that is a municipal lot for any and all to use. 
Please take note of these easy rules and please pass them along to anyone who may be picking up or dropping off at any of our schools. We have these rules in effect for the safety of the children. Thank you.