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Inspiring Leadership

From left: Jackson S., Will A. and Ryan D.

Three Hopedale Eagle Scouts Make a Lasting 

Impact in 2023

In 2023, Troop 1 and members of the Hopedale community marked a wonderful achievement with three young men achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.  

Since scouting began in the US in 1911, only 4% of scouts earned eagle rank. These remarkable scouts, each with a unique vision and dedication to service, have left a mark on the community through their impactful projects.

Bringing Trees Back to Hopedale:

 Will A., the first of our trio, embarked on a mission to enhance the beauty and environmental health of the Hopedale Parklands. His community service project involved the planning and execution of a tree-planting initiative. Through the generosity of the Hopedale community, funds were raised to plant nine trees and fifty perennial plants. The project not only added a vibrant touch of greenery to the park but also contributed to the overall well-being of the ecosystem by attracting pollinators and combating erosion.

Will first identified the opportunity to establish more trees in the parklands after noticing that over the years, several trees fallen in storms or died from disease. He had several meetings with Hopedale Tree Warden to select the trees and plants that would be most beneficial. Hopedale residents can often see Will checking the tree stakes to make sure the young trees are well-supported. Excess funds were donated to the town to support future tree-planting efforts.

Preserving Hopedale Trolly Bridge History with New Signs: 

Ryan D., the second Eagle Scout, chose to focus on preserving the history of the Hopedale Trolly Bridge next to the Little Red Shop Museum, part of the greater Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park. His project involved the creation and installation of two signs that narrate the history of the bridge, allowing park visitors to learn more about the heritage of the community.

Ryan worked closely with the Little Red Shop Museum and the Town to ensure the signs would be installed in a professional manner, be accessible to all visitors, and include a flower bed around the signs. In prior years, Ryan had recruited friends and scouts to supply service at the Little Red Shop by clearing out invasive plants.  Through these activities he learned that the Little Red Shop had a desire to install informative signs about the bridge, and he saw the opportunity to help them do this.  His fundraising efforts were successful, and at Ryan’s recent Eagle Scout Ceremony, he presented a check to Sue Ciaramicoli of the Little Red Shop Museum to help the museum.

 Above, from left: Cam M. (front), Seth L., Jack F., Will A., Jackson S.

and Ryan D.

Below, from left: Alex F., Cam M., Robby M., Ethan H., Jackson S.

and Sally Decelles


Supporting the Friends of Elders: 

Jackson Staheli, the third Eagle Scout, took a practical approach to community service by addressing the needs of an essential local resource that supports the Hopedale Friends of Elders. Jackson dedicated his project to repairing and constructing storage items for the Curiosity Shop found in the Town Hall. This includedbuilding 13 sturdy and functional shelves to replace unstable ones, replacing damaged ceiling tiles, and helping shop volunteers to reorganize the space to address safety needs and be able to navigate the shop more easily.

Jackson first volunteered at the Curiosity Shop in 2022 and met Sally Decelles, President of the Friends of Elders. They discussed improvements that could be made that would improve the shop’s appearance and functionality and Jackson created a project plan to achieve this without disrupting normal shop operations. Jackson noted that it was a rewarding experience to have youth members from Troop 1 work side-by-side with volunteers from the Curiosity Shop to complete the project.

These three Eagle Scouts exemplify the values of leadership, service, and community engagement. Their range of projects showcase the breadth of skills and dedication instilled in them through their scouting journey. As we celebrate their achievements, we recognize the lasting impact they have made on our Hopedale community. We are also thankful for the support of our community – with encouragement, funding, or volunteering of time.  

About Troop 1

Hopedale’s Scouts BSA Troop 1 for boys is chartered through Union Evangelical Church.  During the school year, we meet on Tuesdays from 7 – 8:30PM at the Hopedale Community House. If you’re a boy between 11-17 and want to be part of Troop 1’s adventures, we’d love to meet you! Send us an email at [email protected] or register online at