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Hopedale Jr.-Sr. High School, a National Blue Ribbon School

By Chloe Zhang
Hopedale Jr-Sr High School, home of the community of the Blue Raiders, was recently awarded as a National Blue Ribbon School.
In late September, Hopedale was named to be one of the 353 schools to receive a Blue Ribbon award.
This award was given to Hopedale to highlight the academic excellence and the positive close-knit community of Hopedale.
This award was not only given for the academics of Hopedale, but also for the school’s dedication to building a positive environment for the students along with fostering academic achievement.
The Blue Ribbon award recognizes schools for their academic achievement, but the reason why Hopedale is greater beyond academics lies between the students and the community that Hopedale has established.
Hopedale, a school of around 470 students, might be small, but it’s one of the many qualities of the school. Asking students and teachers around the school why they believe Hopedale is a Blue Ribbon School, their responses were not related to academics but rather to the welcoming community of Hopedale.
“My favorite thing about Hopedale High School is probably the people, just because they make me feel very at home, and very accepting,” said Sami (Samantha) Welch.
“My favorite thing about Hopedale High School is the community because it has a small-town feel, everyone is close to each other, it’s just a very tight-knit community!” said Mr.Dietrich, (5th Year Teaching at Hopedale High)
“I believe that Hopedale is a Blue Ribbon School not only because of the academics but mainly because of the amazing community of Hopedale. I think that Hopedale is a very welcoming place for everyone,” said Li (Student Body Representative).
Hopedale is a school that promotes academic achievement through the various programs offered at the school. The size of Hopedale does not take away from the amazing teachers or excellent academic programs. Hopedale sets an example for what it means to raise the bar in education and beyond.