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Hopedale Fire receives $184,000 grant for equipment and training

By Theresa Knapp 

The town of Hopedale has accepted a grant in the amount of $184,280.95 from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) through its Assistance to Firefighting Grant for the purchase of needed equipment and station modifications. 

At a meeting of the Select Board on Aug. 28, Fire Chief Thomas Daige said the money would be allocated in this way: 

$6,695 will replace 6 or 7 remote radios throughout the fire house; Daige said, “We basically only have one working radio in the firehouse” 

$3,200 going toward training both to bring in an outside firm to do the training, and to be able to pay the firefighters to attend the training 

$90,000 is going toward an exhaust  extraction system, overhead tubes take the exhaust out of the firehouse 

$56,000 replacing fire hose 

The town should receive the funds in the near future.