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Mary Curran Phillips celebrates 100 years, town issues proclamation

On Aug. 28, 2023, the Hopedale Select Board issued the following proclamation: 

Whereas, Mary Curran was born in 1923 in Milford, Massachusetts where she, along with her sister and brother, attended and graduated from Milford schools, and 

Whereas, Mary also received nursing training at Milford Hospital, and 

Whereas, in 1943 Mary married Harold “Red” Phillips, a Hopedale resident, and 

Whereas, Mary then moved from South Main Street in Milford to South Main Street in Hopedale, and 

Whereas, over the years, Mary and Red had 11 children - 6 girls and 5 boys - with whom they often took weekend trips to Cape Cod and New Hampshire and even visited the World’s Fair in Montreal, and 

Whereas, Mary worked as an overnight companion for seniors locally and out of town, reluctantly giving up this kindhearted work at the age of 88, and 

Whereas, Mary worked determinedly to ensure that Phillips Field in Hopedale was named in honor of her husband’s family who generously donated the land to the Town, this being one of Mary’s many accomplishments, and 

Whereas, Mary lives comfortably in the home in which she raised her family, with eight of her beloved children living nearby. 

Now, therefore, the Hopedale Select Board congratulates Mary Curran Phillips on her 100th birthday and offers its best wishes for many happy and healthy years to come.