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Select Board reminds Railroad of its current legal obligation

Town officials express frustration that GURR is not following water protection regulations

By Theresa Knapp

At its meeting on July 24, the Hopedale Select Board sent a letter to the Grafton Upton Railroad to remind the owner of his legal responsibilities, specifically related to “compliance with Zone II Water Protection Regulations for [its] 1 Fitzgerald Drive Facility” associated with the “glass recycling operation” and “solid waste transloading services” taking place on that property. 

Before the board approved the letter drafted by town counsel, Town Administrator Mitch Ruscitti explained, “We’re not talking about any new activity, we’re not talking about any new anything related to any of that, it’s more of a ‘here is, just as a reminder, what your compliance obligations are, if you have any questions, reach out to us’ and that’s, at this point, all we’re talking about.”  

Select Board member Scott Savage said, “This is something that’s been going on for a while where the Railroad has decided to not abide by our guidelines and has gotten away with it; so hopefully this will change their behavior because, wearing my other hat as the Chair of the ZBA, I have been contacted by residents about this issue and I repeatedly had to tell them that [the Railroad] had never come before us for the special permit and are operating as such. So hopefully this will strike a positive change and they will follow the guidelines set forth by the town.” 

The full letter can be found at