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June 24th proclaimed “Hopedale Community House Day” in the town of Hopedale

Jun 19, 2023 09:04AM ● By By Theresa Knapp

The Hopedale Select Board unanimously declared June 24, 2023 to be “Hopedale Community House Day” in the town of Hopedale. 

At a board meeting on June 12, Selectperson Bernie Stock, who wrote the proclamation, read the following Congratulatory Proclamation to Hopedale Community House:  

WHEREAS, the Hopedale Community House celebrates its 100th birthday this June 24th and invite the citizens of Hopedale and surrounding towns to join in this occasion; and 

WHEREAS, this event acknowledges the gift of George Albert Draper who recognized the pressing and unsatisfied requirement of the town where he was born, raised, and a lifelong member; and

WHEREAS, [in 1919] he called together seven leading citizens of the town, gave them a general outline of his plan, and provided funds to make possible its consummation and funds for its future endowment; and 

WHEREAS, they accepted their duties as a sacred trust and devoted two years of planning and study to meet the special requirements of his vision; and 

WHEREAS, as construction and furnishing was nearing completion, the town mourned the untimely death [in Feb. 1922] of George Albert Draper, providing for his daughter Helen Draper Taft, to present the keys during a simple formal opening; and 

WHEREAS, since its opening, the Hopedale Community House has witnessed an abundance of enjoyable activities of all types for all ages under the direction of a knowledgeable and dedicated Board of Trustees; and 

WHEREAS, this magnificent building, at the direction of its trustees, serves without expense as the home to the community’s elder population through a senior center under the direction of the Hopedale Council on Aging; and

WHEREAS, the town has made use of this building and grounds for town meetings, high school graduations, and numerous seasonal and youth programs.  

NOW THEREFORE, the Hopedale Select Board offers its congratulations and best wishes to the trustees, staff, and members of the [private, non-profit] Hopedale Community House, Inc., and encourages the citizens of Hopedale to join in this celebration by proclaiming June 24th “Hopedale Community House Day.” 

For more information on the building and its history, visit 

A detailed account of the original 1923 dedication can be found in a June 23, 1923 newspaper article at