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Hopedale Looking To Reestablish Hall Of Fame

By Christopher Tremblay Staff Sports Writer

During the 2010-11 high school year, Hopedale athletic Director Kelly Butler established the Blue Raiders Hall of Fame announcing the first class ever to be enshrined. 

That inaugural class included cross country runner Paul Abbruzzese, Athletic Director and Coach (from 1969-99) Dan Klocek, 1993 Division 2 State Field Hockey Championship team and 1968 Class C State Baseball Championship team.  

Unfortunately, following that first induction, Hopedale never put in another class of athletes. Stephanie Ridolfi, the current Hopedale AD, is looking to bring back the tradition and give the recognition to those athletes and teams that deserve it. 

“For reasons unknown, it was stopped,” Ridolfi said. “When I first became Athletic Director four years ago it was my plan to get the Hall of Fame back up and running. People wanted it back and we were on the verge of doing so then Covid hit, and those plans took a back seat.”

Now with the pandemic hopefully behind us, Ridolfi is looking to reestablish the Hall of Fame and get nominations for the next class. Thus far she has sent out letters to the Alumni Association looking for valuable candidates.

“It’s been too long and so many teams and players have gone unrecognized over the years and we haven’t been able to give them the recognition that they rightfully deserve,” the Blue raider AD said.

Qualifications to be considered for the Hall of Fame are as follows:

Athletes must have brought distinction, honor, and Raider Pride to himself/herself and to the school athletic program through athletic achievement. Demonstrated outstanding character, sportsmanship, and citizenship while at Hopedale High School, graduated and be at least 10 years removed from graduation and received recognition for exceptional athletic performance.

Teams, in addition to bringing distinction, honor and raider Pride to itself and to the school through its efforts and achievements, must also achieve success at the District / State level while demonstrating outstanding sportsmanship on the playing field. They too must be 10 years beyond their championship date.

Coaches, Administrators and /or Contributors must have made a significant and substantial contribution to the athletic program, dedicated a dedication to the growth of his or her athletes both on and off the field and shown through dedication, character and enthusiasm a true love for the sport. They must have also had a significant impact and brought credit, distinction and honor to the Hopedale Athletic Program and the Hopedale Jr-Sr High School.

The official nomination forms may be found on the Hopedale Athletics home page or on their Facebook page. Applications must be mailed to Hopedale High School Hall of Fame c/o Stephanie Ridolfi, 25 Adin St., Hopedale 01747, and received by Aug. 1, so that the committee can begin going through them. Acknowledgment of the winners will take place in spring 2024.

Ridolfi noted that how many inductees are selected all depends on the number of nominations that the school receives. If all goes well the AD’s plan is to have a class elected every two to three years.