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Hopedale’s Frohn Lets His Skills Do The Talking On the Ice

By Christopher Tremblay, Staff Sports Writer
Jake Frohn first laced up the skates in the first grade during a learn-to-skate program. 
Soon after, he found himself playing for the Outlaws Hockey Club in Hopedale where he would play until he took up residency with the South Shore Kings.  
His entire career found himself playing center like his favorite player, Boston Bruins Patrice Bergeron. 
As a freshman he found himself making the Hopedale varsity team where he would begin centering the third line, but as the season progressed, Coach Mike MacQuarrie moved him up to the first line where he gelled nicely.
“As a freshman, it was very cool to get to play with two very talented seniors on that first line,” Frohn said. “I really learned a lot from them and although it put a lot of responsibility on me to keep up with them, their knowledge helped me improve my game.”
According to the Blue Raiders Coach, Frohn is by no means a big player—he’s undersized, but has a big heart and a good hockey IQ. 
“Being small defiantly has its advantages; I can get to the puck quicker and blow past the defenders,” he said.
“They try to take the body to me, but all I have to do is make one quick move to get away from or go around them.”
As a sophomore, he, like a majority of high school athletes, saw his season cut short thanks to Covid. Things were a little more difficult (like wearing masks under their helmets) due to Covid, and although it was somewhat harder than usual seasons, Frohn said it didn’t affect him all that much.
“Following the Covid season I grew and got stronger and found that my junior year was my best to date,” Frohn said. “I was not being pushed around as much even though I was still on the smaller size (5’6” and 145 pounds) for a hockey player going up against 6’ plus kids. I can take the hits and play pretty physical hockey.”
Last winter, the Hopedale center scored 5 goals and had a team-leading 28 assists.
MacQuarrie noted that Frohn had a very productive junior campaign and could have had a lot more goals if it had not been for the misfortune of hitting numerous pipes and crossbars.
As he enters his senior season as a captain, he is hoping to help the younger athletes use their skill and talent to not only to get ready for their upperclassmen years, but help the squad make it back to the Division 3 State Tournament. Last year the Clockers defeated Middleborough and West Springfield before falling 2-0 to Lynnfield in the Round of 8.
Individually Frohn is closing in on 100 points during his Hopedale career and he is hoping that he can accomplish the rare feat.
“Only a few Hopedale players have been able to get to this point in the program and I am hoping that I can get there too,” Frohn said. 
The Blue Raider Coach referred to Frohn as an athlete who brings an intensity to both practices as well as the game. 
“He is a soft spoken individual, but always plays hard and big for us,” the Coach said. “If we are to get to the playoffs this season, Jake needs to be a big part of our game plan.”