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Caitlyn Heffernan receives Citizen Life Saving Award

By Theresa Knapp 
On Nov. 21, at a meeting of the Select Board, Caitlyn Heffernan was presented with a Citizen Life Saving Award by Hopedale Fire Chief Thomas Daige. 
In a letter to the Select Board, Daige explained that, on Sept. 17, Heffernan was attending the Annual Day-in-the-Park event with her family when she “noticed a young child choking on food, her lips turning blue and presenting the universal sign of choking.” 
Chief Daige said Heffernan sprang into action and performed the Heimlich maneuver, which dislodged the popcorn from the young girl’s airway, and the child was able to breathe again. 
“If it wasn’t for Ms. Heffernan’s quick actions, the outcome certainly would not have been the same.” 
Chief Daige read from the award: 
“Caitlyn Heffernan: Be it known on this day, November 21, 2022, that you are awarded this honor for your decisive actions on September 17, 2022. The Hopedale Fire Department applauds your actions and recognizes your value to the community.” 
“Your quick actions not only saved the life of the child but made things a lot easier for us at a time when we’re typically distressed,” said Daige.
The Citizen Life Saving Award is awarded to someone outside the fire department who has been involved in a lifesaving effort. Heffernan is the school nurse at Bright Beginnings Center.