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STREAM Fair Open To Students In Grades 2 To 5

By Susan Manning 
Staff writer
If you know a child in grades two through five who enjoys science, technology, reading, engineering, anatomy and math (STREAM), check out the upcoming Growing Minds Fair.
The fair will be held on Friday, Jan. 6, from 3-5 pm at Memorial School. Registration is open to any student between grades 2-5, According to Madeline Hodgdon, a Hopedale high school student.    
Hodgdon, along with two classmates, Taralyn Moore and Thomas McSweeney, decided to organize the fair as part of their community service project as members of Hopedale DECA Club.
“We are doing a Community Awareness project for the club, and we were given the opportunity to replicate the fair that had been put on for two years in a row prior to this one. Taralyn has had the pleasure of volunteering at both of these previous fairs, and her experience is what led us to gaining the right to plan this fair,” she said.
According to Hodgdon, STREAM education is important because it provides students with vital skills like problem solving, collaboration, and knowledge of technology. This field will become more popular as the years progress and as technological occupations become more plentiful. 
“This fair is important because it seeks to introduce STREAM in a way that is appropriate for elementary-aged students, as well as foster interests in STREAM related subjects,” said Hodgdon.
 Children Across America is a nonprofit organization that is based in Milford, which seeks “to empower families and children in low-income communities” and “provide literacy support and preventative healthcare to underserved children in the United States.” 
In addition to Children Across America sponsoring the event, it will have a booth at the fair. Registration for the children is free.
Hodgdon said the trio hopes to expand interest in the six subject areas covered in the fair. It is the first time it will be held in Hopedale; previously had been in Milford.
“Our mission is to expand the knowledge of both STREAM and Children Across America through the use of this fair,” she said.