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A Look at EVO Visian ICL

By Roger M. Kaldawy, M.D.
Milford Franklin Eye Center
Myopia (or nearsightedness) is the most common ocular disorder worldwide and its prevalence is increasing rapidly. An estimated 30% of the world’s population, or 2.6 billion people, have myopia and this number is projected to rise to 50% of the global population by the year 2050.  For many people, contact lenses and eyeglasses can be inhibiting, especially for those who seek visual freedom. While available in Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world, the EVO Visian ICL lens is now FDA approved in the United States and can offer a new solution for those who seek sharp, clear vision and want to break free from the limitations and inconveniences of contact lenses or eyeglasses. Over 1,000,000 EVO ICL lenses have been implanted around the world. If you are seeking a vision solution that will put an end to the hassle and ongoing cost of glasses and contact lenses, the EVO ICL may be right for you.
What is the EVO ICL?
EVO ICL is a microscopic lens made of collagen that is implanted by a surgeon so you can reduce your dependance on glasses and contacts. The ICL (implantable collamer lens) is made of collagen so you can’t feel it or see it in the mirror, and it’s in sync with your body chemistry so your immune system doesn’t even know it’s there. EVO ICL’s are for those who want to see better without glasses and contacts, even if they’ve been told they can’t have LASIK. Not a LASIK candidate? Not a problem for EVO.
EVO ICL Visian
The EVO procedure is different from other vision correction options, like LASIK.  The EVO lens is additive; meaning, it is added to the eye and doesn’t remove corneal tissue. The EVO procedure involves implanting (or adding) a biocompatible, flexible lens made from Collamer® into the eye between the iris (colored part of the eye) and the natural lens to correct vision. The EVO lens works in harmony with the natural eye while delivering sharp, clear vision, excellent night vision, UV protection, and does not cause dry eye syndrome. The EVO Visian ICL lens can permanently correct vision without removing corneal tissue and, if desired, is removable by your surgeon- so reversable- for added peace of mind. Compare this to  LASIK which is not reversable. It gives the patient flexibility for the future while helping to eliminate dependency on glasses and contact lenses now.
In the US FDA study the average vision result was better than 20/20. Some would call that “supervision”.  An astounding 99.4% of patients in a recent study said they would do it all over again, no regrets. It’s the night vision quality and contrast sensitivity that really sets the EVO ICL family of lenses apart. Most patients typically say this is the best vision they’ve ever had, so there’s no compromise in vision clarity just to be able to see without glasses and contacts. On average, the unaided vision with EVO ICL is demonstrably better than what was produced with glasses and contacts in the past. LASIK may have more name recognition, but EVO is a great solution for patients who have thin corneas, dry eyes, and/or high levels of nearsightedness or who simply do not want to risk the side effects of LASIK, like dry eyes, night vision problems and risky weakening and thinning of the cornea.
EVO Visian ICL Benefits Can Include:
• Sharp, clear vision
• Works in harmony with natural eye
• Removable no reversable if there is a need to reverse
• No removal of any cornea tissue so corneal weakening like LASIK
• Excellent night vision
• UV protection
• Does not cause dry eye syndrome
• Great for thin corneas
• Option for patients with moderate to severe nearsightedness
• Quick procedure; little down time
• Proven, time-tested procedure for more than a decade
Who is a good candidate?
The EVO Visian ICL Lens (EVO) ideal candidates are between the age of 21 to 45 and have moderate to high nearsightedness. It can safely and effectively correct nearsightedness between -3.0 D to -15.0 D, the reduction in nearsightedness up to -20.0 D and treatment of astigmatism from 1.0 D to 4.0 D. If you have nearsightedness within these ranges, EVO Visian ICL surgery may improve your distance vision without eyeglasses or contact lenses.
How it works
The EVO Visian ICL lens is made from Collamer, a collagen co-polymer that is proprietary to STAAR Surgical. Collamer is biocompatible, stable, and flexible, thus making it an ideal lens material for the eye. The EVO Visian ICL lens is slightly smaller than a typical contact lens and is implanted in the eye between the iris (colored part of the eye) and the natural lens to correct vision. The EVO Visian ICL procedure is a 12-minute outpatient procedure per eye with quick recovery and little downtime typically. The EVO Visian ICL procedure does not require the removal of any corneal tissue thus it is even suitable for patients with thin corneas.  Following the procedure, many patients notice an immediate improvement in vision.
Global history
While the EVO Visian ICL lens is new in the US market, it has been approved and marketed throughout Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.  Over 1,000,000 EVO ICL lenses have been implanted around the world.
About us
Milford-Franklin Eye Center realizes you have choices when it comes to eye care.  We are different.  We focus on excellent and advanced eye care and treat our patients as if each and every one is family.  We have surgical results that rival those of major centers in Boston- we can prove it.  Dr. Kaldawy is an experienced surgeon who has performed over 20,000 intraocular surgeries. We are happy to offer you this implant if you are a good candidate and if your glasses prescription starts at -3.00 Diopters. We believe this implant is a great alternative to LASIK even at lower refractive errors. A real evolution in visual freedom. Choosing EVO ICL may be one of the best decisions you will make in your life. Call for an appointment.
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