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Hopedale Town Counsel raises rates for FY23

By Theresa Knapp 
Hopedale’s regular town counsel, KP Law of Boston, has raised its billing rates for fiscal year 2023. 
In a letter to Hopedale Town Administrator Diana Schindler received May 18, 2022, the law firm advised the town it would raise its hourly rate for legal services to $220 an hour. 
Additional rate increases will be applied to various specialty matters, including: 
• Comprehensive permits and related matters will increase to $330 per hour if paid by the town or $360 per hour if not paid by the town;
• Comprehensive general or zoning bylaw and related matters will increase to $300 per hour; 
• Cable television licensing will increase to $300 per hour; and 
• Bond counsel fees will be calculated based on “standard factors in the field.” 

Paralegal services will continue to be billed at one-half of the quoted attorney rate in each category, “and we will continue to pass through to you disbursements and other costs incurred by the Firm on your behalf.” 
The firm says it will continue to absorb “any charges for in-house copying and postage.” 
The letter notes, “We, like you, must address increasing operational costs due to the current economic climate, inflation and wage pressure and the need to attract and retain talent…We are confident that the rates we have developed provide the Town with tremendous value reflective of our commitment to public sector work and our vast experience with the many legal issues faced by cities and towns.” 
The new rates went into effect on July 1. 
The matter was not discussed in detail at the May 23 or June 6 meetings of the Select Board. It is unclear if the rate increase was received in time to be reflected in the FY23 budget.