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ZBA request for stipends is rejected

By Theresa Knapp 
The Hopedale Zoning Board of Appeals sent a request to the Select Board asking for the reinstatement of stipends for its board members. 
In a letter from the ZBA dated Jan. 19, 2022, and discussed by the Select Board meeting on March 28, ZBA Chairman Christopher Hodgens laid out the extensive work his board is undertaking this year,and said “members are asking the Select Board to consider reinstating all the stipends at the next Annual Town Meeting if economic circumstances become more favorable.” 
Select Board Chairman Brian Keyes said the town’s financial situation has not improved and he does not believe board members should be paid. 
“I don’t think it’s right to get paid based on some of the financial conditions that we’re in as a town, and asking for overrides and debt exclusions and all of that. And based on what I’m seeing as a barometer reading for this year’s outlook, it looks like we’re looking at the same.” 
There was no further discussion on the request.