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Fire Department receives life-saving equipment purchased through grant

By Theresa Knapp
The Hopedale Fire Department has received breathing equipment purchased with a grant and is expecting to receive additional life-saving tools in the near future. 
“Today we put our 36 self-contained breathing apparatus units in service that we got from the AFG grant…All the members have been trained to use those new units,” Fire Chief Thomas Daige told the Select Board at its Dec. 13 meeting. 
According to the U.S. Fire Administration, “Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) are one of the most important items of personal protective equipment used by firefighters and rescue personnel. SCBA allow firefighters to enter hazardous environments to perform essential interior operations including offensive fire attack, victim search, rescue and removal, ventilation, and overhaul. They are also used at non-fire incidents involving hazardous materials and confined spaces where there is a threat of toxic fumes or an oxygen-deficient atmosphere.” 
Daige said the department should soon receive an estimated $50,000 in Department of Fire Service grants for various equipment such as thermal imaging cameras, multi-gas meters, battery-operated hydraulic auto extrication tools, personal flashlights, etc. 
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