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The Top 10 Reasons “Why Giving Back Feels So Good.” Author: Heather J. Culkeen

Charitable Foundation: Project Perseverance 
What does it mean to give back to society? Giving back or donating to causes close to your heart benefits both the charity and you. Contributing to your worthy causes has far more benefits than you may realize.
Many give their time, talents, and/or money to the support community causes, which they hold dear to their heart. Giving back has also been shown to improve quality of life. So, to answer the question, why is giving to charity so satisfying? Here are the top 10 reasons “why giving back feels so good.”
1. Bring meaning to your Life: By donating or giving back, you are creating opportunities to meet people who believe in the same causes as you do. The interaction with like-minded people can inspire you to create a real impact on these causes. It can also infuse your life with a purpose or meaning in case you are stuck in a rut wondering why life is so stagnant. Giving back can reinvigorate your life.
2. Help others in need: There will never be a perfect time to give back as we are not living in a perfect world. But there are always  others who need help in tough situations.  A simple compliment to anyone, even a stranger, can brighten their day at no cost. It may even change their life. 
3. The Time is Now: Regardless of the state of the economy or the pending rise in taxes and interest rates, it is not only kind to donate to those in need. Our financial difficulties hopefully last only a short time, but for those in need may could last a lifetime unless they get on the right path. For others more fortunate, just by providing a hand, donation, smile will go a long way to help those in need survive and thrive.
4. Strengthens personal values: When asked why they want to give back, 96% of people who participated in the research said that they are feel obliged to help others. They said that it’s a moral duty which is rooted in their principles and personal values. Acting on these feelings is the responsibility of a human.
5. Teach generosity to children: When children see you giving back, they will adopt the same attitude when they grow up. Many people stated that they learned how to give back from their parents and through personal experiences. You are benefiting humanity by teaching children to give, share, and donate.
6. Inspire friends and family: If you educate your family and friends about your charitable donations after you’ve given back, they could be inspired to do the same. They mayt take your lead and donate whatever they can, especially to communal issues like promoting health, providing opportunities to rise above obstacles, and allowing others to achieve their goals. Giving back ignites a fire within you. 
7. Realize that small donations help: You don’t always have to donate large amounts to make a difference. Even small amounts could result in week’s, months, and possible years of meals for starving children or the much-needed medical help for elders. 
8. Improve Money Management: You can also drive yourself to be a better personal family financial manager by allocating a specific amount to each donation each month. You can make donations, fund your family’s education, retirement, and other financial goals this way.
9. Give, when you can’t volunteer: In cases where you think that you should volunteer but are too busy to spend time for a worthy cause, you can donate money. Money is just a workaround for a time as it helps the organizations to acquire more resources that can improve the cause.
10. Spreading the love: You can demonstrate that love exists by giving back to society. While spreading love, charity gives people hope for humanity. If you can’t afford to donate, consider how a tiny gesture could help you achieve your desired feelings while also making others feel good about themselves.

Project Perseverance is dedicated to organizing and funding rescue efforts as well as delivering contributions to local and early stage non-profit organizations. We support children, families, elders, and others experiencing challenges that make us stronger.  
To donate to Project Perseverance to help support our mission to give back, please email us at [email protected] with subject line: PP888.  The QR Code and link will be emailed for you to donate. Please feel free to suggest a cause via email that you feel would benefit from our support as well. Thank You.