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Green River Cannabis changes HCA address to Condon Way Applicant agrees to drop lawsuit against town

By Theresa Knapp 
Now that selectmen have approved a change of address for the Host Community Agreement for Green River Cannabis Company, Inc.’s adult cannabis retail store to 5E Condon Way, the company has agreed to dismiss the lawsuit it has pending against the town. 
GRC filed the action in Land Court after the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals denied its application for a Special Permit in December 2020 for a site at 54 Mellen Street. 
In June, company part-owner and Attleboro lawyer Constant Poholek, Jr. unofficially asked the board to consider an HCA address change to either 6 or 8 Charlesview Road, which would have been in very close proximity to Caroline’s Cannabis at 4 Charlesview Road. 
At that June meeting, Chairman of the Board of Selectmen Brian Keyes said he was concerned about the change of address. “I have concerns of having two on a very short street...It looks like putting a McDonald’s next to a McDonald’s over there.” 
In August, Poholek said the 5E Condon Way location is a good fit because it “is directly across from the Federal ATF building. We think that this area would be appropriate for the GRC such that it would spread out the cannabis stores in the Town of Hopedale - one with Caroline’s Cannabis on Charlesview Road, High Hopes at the airport, and the third store [GRC] on Condon Way. Every store is at least a mile apart.” lists N.E. Guns and Parts and N.E. Ballistic as businesses in Unit C of 54 Mellen Street. Poholek said he checked with the Cannabis Control Commission which told him “the Cannabis Control Commission has no authority regarding that federal building, it’s more of a local issue.” 
Poholek said GRC currently has a provisional license for 54 Mellen Way. “Now we’re going to ask the Cannabis Control Commission for an address change...We’re actually pretty far along in the licensing process.” 
He said customers would order online and make an appointment to pick up their product. “It’s a more streamlined, efficient way.” Pickup appointments would be every seven to 10 minutes, 12 per hour, and 120 per day. 
Selectmen unanimously approved the address change to 5E Condon Way; the current HCA is set to expire at the end of the year and Poholek was told he could ask for an extension if he needs it. The Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing for public input. Watch for more information.