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Hopedale Appointments and Acknowledgments

By Theresa Knapp 

The Hopedale Select Board has appointed Suzanne MacNeil to the town’s Open Space and Recreation Planning Committee for an unexpired term. MacNeil is a project manager for a solar installation company, and she told the Select Board her appointment is like coming full circle, 30 years later.

“In sixth grade, I actually presented to the selectmen a project on what I would do with the Draper Building if I ever got the chance.” MacNeil said her proposal was a not-yet-coined “mixed-use” project that included a shopping mall and housing complex. 

Other recent appointments and resignations include:  

Appointed Scott Savage to the Zoning Board of Appeals, filling the position vacated by Steve Gallagher. The appointment effective June 14, 2021, for the remainder of a three-year term. 

In a joint meeting with the Planning Board, named Michael Costanza to the Planning Board after the resignation of Eli Leino (who moved out of town) effective June 14, 2021, through the next town election in May 2022. 

Accepted with regret the resignation of Ed Holland Jr. from the Board of Assessors.

Acknowledged the Library Director Robyn York has resigned and a replacement is being sought; a library page will also be hired. 

The board also acknowledged the many years of community service of Donald W. Howes whose recent campaign to retain his seat as Park Commissioner was unsuccessful. 

Selectperson Louis Arcudi III referred to Howes as “Mr. Hopedale” and thanked Howes for his many years of stewardship and the amount of time and effort and passion he had as a Park Commissioner and as chair of that commission “and everything else he does for the town.” 

“Don dedicated every ounce of his day, if he wasn’t working, to try to do something good for the Parklands,” said Arcudi. 

Selectperson Brian Keyes also thanked Howes for his service. “I’m glad that Mr. Howes is serving in other capacities,” adding “his efforts were greatly, greatly appreciated.”