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Here are some ways to celebrate Mother’s Day this year...

Things to do on Sunday, May 9, (or any day) to celebrate the mothers in your life: 
 Bake bread then break bread
 Bicycle ride 
 Board Games
 Breakfast in Bed
 Chocolate Fondue Night - everything is sweeter when dipped in chocolate
 Clean Mom’s car 
 Clean your room/space (really well)
 Facebook tribute - say thanks to Mom on social media 
 Family photoshoot - be sure Mom is in the photos (and send them to her so she can share with her friends) 
 Finish a DIY project 
 Flowers 
 Garden party - invite some of her friends over for lunch 
 Handmade cards (regardless of your age) 
 Host a virtual Mother’s Day celebration with anyone who can’t be there
 Karaoke session of Mom’s favorite songs
 Manicure-pedicures at home 
 Mother’s Day-themed movie marathon - including “Because I Said So” and “The Joy Luck Club” 
 Museum Tour - National Museum of National History, Van Gogh Museum, etc.  
 Picnic - Plan and pack a picnic for the backyard or a favorite destination 
 Plant - choose and plant together something in her garden (flowers, shrub, etc.)
 Quiet time - offer Mom some quiet time 
 Scavenger Hunt 
 Sleep - let Mom sleep in! 
 Surprise her in any way you can 
 Write a letter, poem, story for Mom  
Compiled by Theresa Knapp