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Plant a Tree in Hopedale program moving forward Soon residents can name a tree in honor of a loved one

By Theresa Knapp 
The Town of Hopedale is in the process of creating a program called Plant a Tree in Hopedale (“PATH”) which will enable people to make honorary or memorial donations through the purchase of trees to be planted in town. 
The program will be administered by the Tree Warden who will determine the species and location of each tree to be chosen from a limited list of tree species. People can also donate to a gift fund if they would prefer not to choose a specific tree or honoree. 
“I heard from the tree warden there is quite a bit of tree planting that is necessary,” Town Administrator Diana Schindler told the Board of Selectmen at its April 12 meeting. 
The Selectmen expressed their support of the PATH program and a gift account will be created in the near future.
“There is a time-honored tradition of being able to plant trees to make a contribution to the environment,” said Carole Mullen who has volunteered to do the administrative work necessary to set up the program. “We have a real need in Hopedale to replace a lot of trees, hopefully people will see this as a way to help the town.” 

Mullen explained the program is meant to help the Tree Warden purchase supplies noting there are few funds in the town budget for that department which makes it difficult to purchase new trees. Other town departments will help with planting. 
Becca Solomon, the town’s Tree Warden (and chair of the Hopedale Conservation Committee), attended the selectmen’s meeting. “I’ve heard of this program. It’s an excellent program and I would be very much in support of putting this in place.”