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Girl Scouts win Bronze Award for Project Hope

By Rose and Shelley Deering
Nine girls in Troop 11582 earned the Bronze Award last summer. This is the first award in a series of three awards they can earn. In the next few years the girls will work on their Silver Award and then have a chance to go for their Gold Award.
While it was a start to the pandemic, the girls focused on others to help them grow and stay strong. By working together they were able to share their talents and see how their actions can make a big impact in their community. The steps the girls needed to take were brainstorming project ideas, choosing the project, making a plan, putting the plan in motion and lastly to spread the word.
They started with an idea of making activity bags for children in their community. They also wanted to spread hope and cheer with inspirational cards. All spring and summer the girls worked together making cards, decorating bags and filling the bags. In the end they were able to help multiple families by providing them with essential items, toys, schools supplies and handmade inspirational cards to help them get through this very difficult time. The name the girls came up with was Project Hope. 
The girls who worked on Project Hope were Megan Alley, Madison Buttonow, Mabel Carriero, Rose Deering, Sophia De Oliveira, Delaney Dicken, Kelly Kavanagh, Ella Raiche and Olivia Shepard. We are so blessed to have these girls in our community and look forward to seeing what they can do in their future!
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