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Anonymous donor gifts $21k for playground improvements Funds will repair equipment at Hopedale Town Park playground

An anonymous donation will fund repairs to the Hopedale Town Park playground. Credit: Theresa Knapp

By Theresa Knapp
The town has received a $21,000 anonymous donation for repairs and improvements to the Hopedale Town Park playground. 
Don Howes, Chair of the Park Commission, told the Board of Selectmen in February the money will be used to make repairs to the larger climbing structure, replace two or three deck plates in the smaller structure, and replace the metal slide. 
“It’s our job to take this money that’s available and bring the park up to safe standards as we did last year with the toddler swing. There’s no doubt the town park gets a tremendous amount of traction and usage.” 
Howes told the Board of Selectmen the donation comes with very few restrictions. 

“The design of this upgrade is up to the Commission. We have free reign to do the upgrades and repairs that we planned to do,” Howes said, adding he hopes to gather volunteer labor on a Saturday to do the work. 
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