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Lasagna Love delivers relief via pasta No judgment, just nourishment

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Have you heard of Lasagna Love, a grassroots movement that promotes peace through pasta? It started as a way to “express love and appreciation for front line workers, veterans and the homeless” but quickly grew to welcome anyone who could use a helping hand these days. According to its website, local volunteer chefs are matched with recipients within their immediate communities, then prepare and deliver the meals to their neighbors in need.

Are you or someone you know feeling a little overwhelmed and would like to take at least one thing off your plate? Does the phrase “What’s for dinner?” put you on edge? Do you know of a Hopedale resident who has been hard hit, in one way or another (maybe overworked or unemployed), by COVID-19 and could use a good home cooked (not by them) meal? If so, check out to request a meal delivery. 

Are you feeling cooped up and eager to help a hopedale neighbor in need? Are you looking for a family activity or a creative outlet for your cooking skills? If so, visit the website to sign up to be a volunteer Lasagna Mama or Papa. 

No judgment, just nourishment; now that’s lasagna love!