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Eagle Scout Project Adds Ice Rescue Ladders to Hopedale Pond

Rohit Kaushik of Hopedale Troop 1 Boy Scouts considers the Hopedale Parklands and Pond one of the town’s most treasured assets. 

As a Hopedale resident, he and his family have enjoyed boating and hiking around the pond. To attain his Eagle rank, he wanted to create a project that benefited all those who use the Hopedale Parklands and Pond.

Kaushik led the effort to conceptualize, construct, and deliver three ice rescue ladders to the town to be available for this winter season. 


These ladders are intended for first responders to use in case of an emergency. They are located at the pond on the back of the park benches. 

Previously, there were no ice rescue ladders available for first responders. Ladders make any ice rescue quicker and safer for those involved. As always, in case of emergency, call 911 immediately.

The project took place at the Hopedale Bathhouse in October, while following COVID-19 guidelines. 

The ladders were cut, sanded, painted, and assembled, with each volunteer wearing a face mask and socially distancing. “Hopedale Rescue Ladder Call 911” were stenciled on each ladder. 

The enthusiastic volunteers included the Troop 1 Hopedale Boy Scouts and Scoutmasters Scott Seaver, Rob Jackson, Adam Fumia, and Charlie Finn. Because of their hard work and diligence, the scouts completed the project as planned and on time.

Kaushik worked with the Hopedale Parks Commission on ladder specifications, raising funds from individuals and organizations, and coordinated the materials, worksite, and volunteers. 

Kaushik extended special thanks to Don Howes of the Hopedale Park Commission, Jason McDonald of the Hopedale Girls Softball Association, Home Depot, Clark Hockenbury, Chandra Sunkara, and Kim Booth for their valuable contributions and guidance to the project.

Kaushik is currently Hopedale Troop 1 Boy Scouts’ Senior Patrol Leader and has held many other leadership roles in the troop. He is a senior Information Technology student at Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational Technical High School. Kaushik hopes to study Computer Science in college next year.